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about us came from one night when I was hosting a dinner party for some friends. I was trying to ‘pull out all the stops’ and wanted it all to look super legit. Everything was in place bar the napkins. I had them just laying on top of the plates looking all lifeless and limp. I attempted to free style some napkin folding but completely failed. By then it was to late to fix the problem and the guests began to arrive. The topic of the napkins came up and one of my friends who use to work in a restaurant started making some pretty interesting folds. Eventually we got the ipad out and started to look up some more ways to fold napkins. I noticed that there was a lack of video tutorials and thats where the site was born. It was began as a bit of a in joke with the friends and then I decided I’d commit to it and make a half decent job of it.

I hope you enjoy what I have created here.

Any questions comments or feedback please leave in the comment section of the YouTube videos


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