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How To Starch Napkins

How To Starch Napkins

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Starch Napkins


Step One:

Try not to lose to much hope in your screwed up mess of a napkin.

How To Starch Napkins

Step two:

Lay the napkin out flat in front of you the best you can.

can of starch

Step three:

Starch! For the entire How To Fold Napkins web site I have been using a super store bought spray can of starch. This can still has well over half left so I can go and starch my shirts.

spraying starch

Step four:

Try to Spray the entire Napkin evenly over about 5-7 seconds. For some folds like the Arrowhead and the Candle napkin fold I used a much more generous amount just to make the end results better.

ironing starch

Step five:

Ironing out the creases! Make sure you are first off using the iron correctly – they do get very hot.  Secondly make sure you have the settings set correctly for the type of napkin you are ironing.  Last thing you want to do is have to run out and buy new napkins when your trying to prepare an evenings meal.


Step seven:

Iron both sides for the best results

and finally make sure you’ve unplugged that iron!


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