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The French Fold

Folding Napkins


The French Fold


French Fold Folding Napkins

Probably the simplest and quickest of all the folds. A good Napkin fold to have in your arsenal if you are either cooking French food or catering for French guests.

French Fold Folding Napkins Step One Place the napkin out flat in front of you.

Step One:

Lay the Napkin flat out in front of you. If your napkin has labels, tages or a seam make sure this is facing up.

French Fold Folding Napkins Step Two fold the top left corner down to the bottom right

Step two:

Fold the Napkin diagonally in half. Keep the Napkins orientation so it makes a right angled triangle with the diagonal facing away and to the left of you.

French Fold Folding Napkins Step Thee take the top corner and fold it directly  back down on its self so the bottom side of the napkin sites about halfway over the fold.

Step three:

With your right hand take the furthest most corner from you and fold it back on its self. The fold should leave you with a new right angled triangle on the left and about 3-5cm sticking out on the right.

French Fold Folding Napkins Step Four Repeating a very similar fold as the previous step take the top corner and fold it down on its self.

Step Four:

Again with your right hand take the top most right corner and fold in the same direction. This fold should work out to be half. The aim here is to try and have 3 equal looking triangles. One you have made all three folds in the napkin you can very easily adjust each section until your happy.

This is by far the easiest napkin fold there is. If you would like a more challenging fold check out our Intermediate Napkin Folding and Advance Napkin Folding Pages

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