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Arrowhead Napkin Fold

How To Fold Napkins


Arrowhead Napkin Fold

Arrow Head Napkin Fold

When learning how to fold napkins the Arrowheads is not a bad place to start if you find the beginners section a little to easy. This fold does work best with a larger size napkin that is quite firm or has been starched. 

Step one of Arrowhead napkin folding tutorial. Lay the napkin flat out in front of you.  

Step one:

Lay the napkin out in front of you. If the napkin has a folded over seam or tags on make sure these are facing upwards.

How to fold napkins arrowhead. Step two Fold the napkin in half towards yourself.

Step two:

Fold the napkin in half so the opening is facing towards your person.

How to fold napkins arrowhead. Step three fold the top right corner down to the centre on the open bottom edge of the napkin.

Step three:

Fold the Top Right corner down to meet the bottom edge.

How to fold napkins arrowhead. Step four repeat the same movement as the previous step but with the top left corner. The napkin should now look like a triangle.

Step five:

Repeat the same fold but this time on the left.

How to fold napkins arrowhead. Step five in the centre where the two original top corners meet. take what was originally the top right corner and fold it back on its self so the edges run parallel.

Step six:

Start with the right hand side. Take the central corner of the fold you made in step three. Now you want to fold it back on its self. This may require you to use an iron or before you start, starch the napkins.

How to fold napkins arrowhead. Step six repeat the previous step with the opposite side of the napkin folding the left side back out on its self.

Step seven:

Repeat the same fold again but on the opposite side. This can be a bit tricky you may have to use your right hand to keep the right side in place. Now you’re learning how to fold napkins!

how to fold napkins Arrowhead eight place your hands flat on the top of the napkin fold and push the two outsides together causing the middle to rise up.

Step eight:

Now slide both thumbs underneath the napkin fold and with your fingers rested on the top bring the middle up.

How to fold napkins the arrowhead completed photo of the rear

Step nine:

It may require a little re jig of the flaps but this should only take a few seconds. Finally stand back and be impressed with your new napkin folding technique! If your finding this tutorial a bit difficult a similar looking but much easier napkin fold is the Pyramid fold.  


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