How to Fold Napkins – Diamond Napkin Fold

Napkin Origami


Diamond Napkin Fold

You should never waste your money buying ready folded napkins! You will save a lot of money and benefit so much more from learning how to fold napkins yourself.  (it will impress guests) The diamond fold is perfect for those who don’t want to be a master of napkin origami but want something easy that looks good.

Step one:

Lay the napkin out in front of you. If the napkin has any tags, labels or a folded seam then make sure that it is facing towards you at the start.  If there is a label have it in the top left to start with.



Step two:

Fold the napkin in half towards your self.

Step three:

Fold the napkin in to quarters and place a diamond shape in front of you. Make sure you have all the open flaps facing towards you.

Step four:

Fold the first of the flap up so it meets the very top of the diamond.

Step five:

Now do the same with the next flap but about an inch lower.

Step six:

same again but once more an inch lower.

Step seven:

That’s right you guessed it one more fold up about an inch below the last.

Your napkin sizes my vary if so just try to make the spacing as even as you can do.

Step eight:

Flip the entire napkin over so your looking at the back of what you just created.

Step nine:

Fold the right hand side just over half way/2 thirds.

Step ten:

Fold the left hand side over the same as you did in the previous step.

Step eleven:

Flip the napkin back over to reveal your Diamond Napkin Fold.  Once its facing this way you can slightly adjust the folds you made in steps nine and ten for perfect symmetry.